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Skype Business – Skype for Business Sign Up | Skype App Download | Login

Skype business is a platform that enables institutions to connect with their members and other people by means of conference calls, video calls, instant messages, etc. With Skype for business, it is possible for organizations to host meetings, seminars, and conferences online, without the members being physically present.

Skype Business

Skype for Business – How to Use Skype to Organize Business Meeting & Presentation

Skype allows the staff of a company or organization to make voice calls, video calls, send instant messages, and by this means yield outstanding results in his work. This app can be accessed using mobile phones, tablets, Xbox, and computer over the internet.

Features – Why your Need Skype for your Businesses

The ability to connect with people, staff of an organization, and their colleagues using Skype makes the spreading of information easy and fun. There are so many benefits one can derive from using Skype business. This includes but not limited to the following;

  • Users can make and receive voice calls, video calls. They can as well send and receive messages using Skype.
  • Users have the privilege of taking part in programs organized by other organizations other than the one they are working with.
  • Skype indicates if a user is online or not. This means that the user can tell if his contact is online or offline.
  • Seminars and conferences held on Skype remain private with the people involved.
  • It offers industrial-strength security by keeping the meetings confidential
  • Calls on Skype are controlled automatically
  • Users can share files from one user to another on Skype

Download Skype Web App – How to Install Skype App for Business

To enjoy the benefits of Skype you should first download the app by following the steps below

  • Open your device browser
  • Type on the address bar to go to Microsoft Office 365 official website and log in.
  • There is a “setting” icon on the right side of the page.
  • Click on the “office 365” button under the “my app” setting,
  • Proceed by clicking on the “software” tab.
  •  “Skype for business” is located on the left side, click on it.
  • From the language options, select the language of your choice.
  • Look out for the software compatibility of your device and select the software version compatible with your office programs.
  • Download and install the software by clicking on “run”
  • Select the “Run” button to download it

Skype Business Login – How to Access your Skype Account

To login to Skype account;

  • Open your device browser
  • On the address bar, type “”.
  • From the homepage that opens, sign in by filling out your email address or phone number and clicking on “sign-in”.

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