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Link Facebook to WhatsApp | How to Link Facebook Page

Have access to your Facebook and WhatsApp at the same time on a platform that links the two of them through data connection. Link Facebook to WhatsApp enables the user to access phone numbers with Facebook. To link Facebook to WhatsApp, follow the steps below;

Link Facebook to Whatsapp
How to Link Facebook to WhatsApp

  • Engage the three dots at the upper right of your screen, to scroll to “Settings” and once your there, click on the “Account” icon.
  • Toggle the “Share my account info” button to the left of the screen
  • Here, you can decide if you want to share your info between Whatsapp and FB by tapping on “Share” to opt-out, or Tap “Don’t share” to keep your information private.
  • Once you click on the “Share” button, your FB account, gets links to your WhatsApp account, enabling you to enjoy the best platforms.

Link Facebook to WhatsApp Benefits

  • Whatsapp, Facebook link enables Facebook, get more data about users, and this will enable the social network, suggest to your phone contacts as friends.
  • Users, who consent to this policy, may start seeing their profile displayed in friends’ suggestions of those who have their phone number saved in their phone, since Facebook, now have the access of linking their phone number with their accounts.
  • Facebook’s WhatsApp link, is very advantageous, as this link, will help Facebook fight spam accounts and better understand how people use the apps.
  • Link your Whatsapp account to your FB account and easily coordinate both your business and profile between both platforms.
  • A large population of FB users, already share their phone number and address book with Whatsapp, while some still decide not to, deciding rather, to keep their number which many work colleagues may have, isolated from their personal life on FB.
  • Alternatively, Facebook has promised its users, that it will not reveal their phone numbers, by splashing them across FB profiles, but rather plan on using the data to improve its friend suggestion algorithm. Users, however, can still choose whether to opt out or share their details with FB, at their own will.

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