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QuickBooks Enterprise | All You Need To Know

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There are many different flavors of QuickBooks. Depending on when you visit the Intuit website and what country you’re visiting from, this post is about the QuickBooks Enterprise version. But before we continue, let’s discuss a bit about other QuickBooks versions.

QuickBooks Enterprise


QuickBooks Desktop is its original small business software. It’s the software of choice for businesses that prefer to do their accounting from their desktop or laptop computers. Product-based companies and those with complex inventory needs also tend to choose QuickBooks Desktop.

QuickBooks Online is the cloud-based version of QuickBooks. It’s similar to QuickBooks Desktop. The main difference is that you can access QBO from any internet-enabled device. Bank reconciliation is also easily set up in QBO.

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a lighter version of QuickBooks designed for sole proprietors and micro businesses. There are also solutions like SlickPie, Zoho, Wrike, etc., which offer a free trial version.

 QuickBooks Enterprise

QuickBooks Enterprise is designed with larger-scale businesses and professional accounting in mind and has several features different from its standard counterpart, QuickBooks.

The enterprise version of QuickBooks has long been recognized as a market leader when it comes to accounting and financial management platforms. QuickBooks Enterprise comes with a storied history and a very admirable reputation in the business world. Providing users with a simple setup that is adaptable even to non-accountants, QuickBooks Enterprise comes with smart tools that can keep all your accounting functions manageable and your goals attainable.

QuickBooks Enterprise can cover several accounting areas, including pricing flexibility, inventory management, and reporting. As far as tracking goes, QuickBooks Enterprise can monitor tens of thousands of items, people, accounts, etc. 30 people can access the system simultaneously.

Key benefits of using QuickBooks for your accounting purposes

  • Its income tracker gives you an end-to-end view of all income-related transactions in one place. It also allows you to input expense transactions quickly, with transactions from multiple banks and accounts in one place.
  • It allows the use of any Enterprise Solutions’ 138+ standard reports, such as Profit and Loss, Forecast vs. Actual Budget, Statement of Cash Flows, A/R Aging Detail, and Customer Average Days to Pay, to get real-time visibility into your business performance.
  • You can easily find and locate inventory tasks by accessing your inventory items and reports all in one place with QuickBooks Inventory Center.
  • It tracks the progress and performance of each agent on the team but also gives your business room to grow with the capacity to add and track hundreds of thousands of customers, vendors, and employees.
  • Customer information is accessible instantly and from all devices, which means you can invoice multiple customers for time and expenses in one batch and give your business room to grow with the capacity to add and track hundreds of thousands of vendors.

Some things are lacking from the otherwise very impressive package. At $1,000 per user, you would expect it to have more automation capabilities and some degree of scalability.

QuickBooks Enterprise Pricing

The enterprise edition costs more than the standard edition, but you will surely know that it is worth investing in. Enterprise edition starts at $600 per user. Read more about the pricing on the official page.

QuickBooks Software Review Sites and Users Summary Reviews

An expert reviewed in-depth the platform’s features, user interface, customer support, and other important components of QuickBooks Enterprise. Online review sites gave QuickBooks Enterprise a final score of 9.5/10, while the Customer Satisfaction Algorithm placed the overall user satisfaction rating at 98%.

QuickBooks Demo and Trial Version Sign-up

With the QuickBooks demo tour, you can try the enterprise edition yourself. The QuickBooks Enterprise Product Tour is an interactive demo, pre-loaded with sample data, so you can immediately get started. The product tour does not allow you to upload your data, print, or save any transactions. If you prefer to evaluate Enterprise in your network environment using your data, download the free 30-day trial below.

Over to you!

The call-up: you can sign up or sign in to start using QuickBooks Enterprise today for all your professional and accounting systems. You can check the enterprise price list or head straight to the official enterprise page for more information.

With the right software, your accounting functions are made much easier. If you need us to help you with any issue, don’t forget to use the comment box below.