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When I Work Reviews | The Latest Reviews &; Features

This article is the current and concise review of when I work scheduling software; features, pricing, and log in. Keep reading – all you need to know about when I work App reviews, time clock and cost will also be discussed. Which in turn helps you make a better choice of the best employee scheduling app to go for. The most loved managers and employees App.

When I Work Reviews

When I Work App reviews

First, let’s start with stats – More than 100,000 workplaces run on when I work for efficient team management.

One major thing this when work reviews will open up is – I know you can’t believe the App is free forever with a managerial space to hold up to 75 employees. But it’s true.

The app in recent times has won different awards – starting with; Diamond category award in 2018, Top 20 most affordable employee scheduling software in 2018, Top 20 most popular employee scheduling software in 2018 and crowd leader spring in 2018.

When I wok is rated 4.5/5 stars by its users on a highly reputable software review platform called Capterra.

What is the When I Work App?

In brief – When I Work scheduling an app is an employee scheduling, shift planning, and time clock app; which helps managers to easily create an employee schedule, manage employee time clock, and send messages to all staff at the same time.

Why Every Manager Must Use When I Wok for team/employee management

Here are seven reasons why as a manager when I work scheduling app should be the choicest App for your enterprise; but that is if you value an efficient employee/team management.

  1. Create and manage your company’s work schedule with the employee scheduler
  2. Have an eagle view on staff schedule anywhere anytime
  3. Setup and keep track of when your staff work time clock for staff to clock in and out
  4. Quickly create, update, and publish schedules and open shifts in seconds
  5. Message staff of changes to the schedule via push, email or SMS
  6. Monitor & approve shift trades and time-off requests from anywhere
  7. Message staff one on one or in groups without disclosing personal message.

Don’t conclude yet – hang on, I still have a handful of info for you. This app not only enhances your employee management so also communication and employee collaboration.

Here is why I made the above statement…

Why your staff will amazingly love when I work App

  • They can see who’s working with permissions
  • View & confirm work schedules anywhere they are
  • Clock in and out of shifts with just a click
  • Keep their availability up to date
  • Team/staff can pick up extra hours at ease
  • Trade shifts with coworkers/colleague
  • They Request time off from the manager at anytime
  • Chat with coworkers one on one or group chat

An overall key benefit of using when I Work for Managers

One resounding thing I will say over and over is –  you can work with the right people, at the right place, at the right time only with the right scheduling and management App.

4 Practical uses of when I work

First, efficient employee management in less time – conclude your time clock & generated timesheets and export to payroll in seconds with when I wok.

Second, focus on things important to the organization/company – Spend More Time Growing Your Business and generating more ROI. Practically you can save an average of 8 hours per week on employee scheduling and attendance.

Third, increased Employee Accountability – Send employees instant schedule updates so they never have to ask when they work. Reduce employee no-shows and improve accountability across your team by 30%.

Fourth, take care of impromptu changes with ease: Never worry about keeping track of random time-off and shift change requests. Stop rebuilding shift schedules by reviewing and approving employee requests in real-time.

Hear Users talk about When I Wok software

User #1: Name & Company: Mike Koelzer

User’s Review: I’ve been searching the internet for years for a good scheduling program and I’ve found nothing even close to what you have with When I Work.

User #2: Name & Company: Donna Rea, Caring Transitions

User’s Review: I have been able to take my employee scheduling from 8 hours a week to merely 15 minutes a week thanks to how easy it is to use When I Work.

When I work sign in Process

  • Visit WhenIWork
  • Enter your sign in details
  • Hit the sign-in button

When I work Login Procedures

  • Go to the Login page
  • key in your login info
  • Hit the login button

Over to you

The interesting fact – No setup fee and you can choose to use either Free or paid version (monthly or annual billing options available).

The call – Joining an existing workplace? It’s 100% free – just locate your workplace and log in. If you did want to register visit when I work to sign up.

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