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Bill4Time Billing Software | Time Tracking & Invoicing Solution

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Bill4Time Billing Software gives you the tools to better manage and organize your project workflows. With this tool, you can track time, schedule tasks, and send invoices to clients.


Bill4Time costs $45 for the Legal Pro membership. It is a cloud-based system offering time and expense tracking, billing and invoicing, and project management.

The Bill4Time system can record both billable and non-billable time and can separately track non-client time for contractors and consultants. Time entry can be done remotely, and the system can convert appointments into time entries for billing purposes. Additional features include batch billing, automated payments, a client portal, and billing rates.

Time summaries on a daily and weekly basis are available to assess productivity levels.

Bill4Time also includes dashboards, calendar and scheduling options, activity and project history, and multiple user collaborations.

Precise tracking of billable hours guarantees a consistent stream of income for your law office or solo practice. To computerize the billing procedure and ensure time is not lost for your firm, you need legal billing software. It is important to grasp the vast variety of tools available out there while knowing your business needs and budget. Consider what product is providing the best value for your hard-earned money.

Bill4Time Features: Why You Should Go for Bill4Time Software

Here is what Bill4Time will help you accomplish:

  • Stay organized—segment time and expenses, add files and notes, and do all your accounting in one interface.
  • Detailed Invoicing: Provide details by creating and assigning an activity for clients, giving clients their best sought-out information, and timely payment.
  • Collaborate: wasting time is not good work ethic; this is one lag many companies are seeking to avoid—to save and give attention to a more important task. Double your efforts through collaboration on the Bill4Time platform. How? The dashboard shows time and expense entries for each team member, and the shared schedule shares the future activities of all members assigned to that individual.
  • Email Notifications: Bill4Time has a custom notice center. Each team member can be notified of the activity or task that matters most at the time it most requires attention.

Key Features

  • Mobile Access for iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile
  • Time tracking with multiple rates mixed
  • Secure Servers and Local Data Backup
  • Expense Tracking with Receipt Images Download
  • Project/Case Management
  • Multiple Reporting
  • Notes and Uploads of Documents
  • Invoicing and Invoicing Templates
  • Project and Client Accounting with Quickbooks Integration
  • Desktop Widget for PC and Mac

Bill4Time Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

The good news: Bill4Time has three plans for experts, legal minds, and legal work.

Three billing plans for customers:

  • Time & Billing: This covers the time and billing for professionals ($27 per person per month) when billed per year or $29 monthly.
  • Legal Pro covers workflows for the legal mind. ($45 per month per user) when billed per year or $49 monthly.
  • Legal Enterprise: Covers custom for legal enterprises ($80 per user per month) when billed annually or $89 monthly.

Sign up (a trial version is available).

Signing up for Bill4Time is easy and simple, and the amazing benefit is that you can sign up for the 14-day free trial version—no credit card is required. Go to the price list, choose a plan, and sign up for a 14-day trial period.

Login Procedures

Sign up using the sign-up process above, then login to your account. Head straight to the login page with the below login details.

  • Company ID
  • Username
  • Password

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