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Facebook Carousel Post | Build a Great Carousel Post and Ad

Facebook Carousel Post /Ad – carousel post or ad is a type of Facebook ad that marketers use to showcase their products to customers. It comes with multiple images or videos or both in a single ad.

A single Facebook Carousel Post can contain up to 10 images or video

In this post, I am going to show you the two approaches in building an organic carousel post directly on your page.

Facebook Carousel Post

Why Facebook Carousel Post

Carousel Post and Ads became a popular ads type in 2017 when a record of 87% percentage of Facebook users, view content using their mobile phone. Carousel ad, been mobile-friendly gave advertisers a head up. Because 90% of Facebook users access Facebook via their mobile phones.

Because of these great number of users pumping into Facebook from mobile device carousel ads gained an edge over every other type of Facebook ad. From Digiday estimation; carousel ads are 10 times more effective and result yielding than normal ads.

How to Build an Organic Carousel Post

The first approach to building an organic carousel post otherwise called Carousel format wall post right on your Facebook page is the “Link building” approach.

In the link building approach, you create a carousel post by both typing the link to the blog post or your product land page URL in your Facebook wall or copy the link and paste in your wall.

Here is how to go about it;

  • On your page type the blog post or land page link in your wall, a preview will auto-populates at least one image.
  • To upload images yourself if your image is cropped badly, tap on the plus sign and go to your image directory and select the image you want to use.
  • Change the order of your image by drag and drop method.
  • Maybe you want to add a unique headline you can edit it by clicking on the headline and keying in what you want to name it.
  • Edit destination URL by hovering over each image, tap on the URL button and edit.

Smart Tips

If your URL or blog post has a lot image you will have to upload directly from your page to select the images you want to be populated.

The standard auto-populates preview image dimension is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Smart Tips

Facebook carousel posts accept only square images, so don’t be surprised when the images that get auto-populated from your blog post get cropped by Facebook and you only see the center of your image leaving some side out.

If the left outsides are important to your post, all you need to do is to remove it and upload a square image of size 600 x 600 pixels.

The total number of image upload allowed in a carousel post is 5 images.

Use images that have less text (use Facebook 20% percent rule), this is most obtainable for people that will convert their carousel post into an Ad in the future. Facebook Grid Tool will help you determine the quantity of text on your image.

The second approach is building a carousel post using the Photo/Video Upload section.

You create a carousel post by creating a photo carousel when you add the destination URL of your blog post from the photo/video upload section. And photos will be extracted from the website you added.

Here is how to go about it;

  • In the Photo/Video upload section, tap on “Create a Photo Carousel”.
  • Add the link, on the destination URL field type the link.

Smart Note

After the link is added an auto-populate of the images from the website will be done by Facebook. Just like the first approach, you can add up to 5 new images, edit the headlines and the links as well.

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