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Facebook Messenger Marketing Tips to Improve your Marketing Strategies

Facebook messenger is fast becoming one of the most effective online marketing platforms used by marketers and salespersons as it has high conversion and clicks rate. According to research and statistics made, Facebook has over 1.3 billion active users on its platform monthly. Which means you have an unlimited market place to cover.

Facebook Messenger Marketing

In this article, I’ll be sharing with you different tactics that can be used and applied in Facebook Messenger to improve and grow your marketing strategies.

#1: Messenger chatbots

Messenger chatbots are programs or an inbuilt software on Facebook messenger that simulates conversations and perform tasks such as making reservations, asking questions, scheduling appointments, offering a 24 hr customer service and gather feedbacks without actually needing the presence of a real human being.

They also can help drive traffic and provide a Call-To-Action (CTA) button when the user can click and be redirected to the landing page and if the presence of a real human is needed, the bot has a way of stepping down for the real human to pick up from where it left off thereby reducing the workload on the marketers.

Messenger bots are also good in welcoming a new person to your page where you might be offline and the bots help handle the whole Q&A segment. The fact that bots can handle most conversations doesn’t mean that you should leave your whole sales process for the bots to handle. You need to separate the automated conversations from the human conversations and tools which can help you perform are Manychat and Chatfuel.

#2: Messenger advertisements

Facebook messenger ads were introduced in November 2016 and having over one billion active user, it’s a good place to place ads for prospects and clients to see. A test was conducted and it was observed that click and open rates for Facebook ads are on a very high scale as compared to that of email marketing.

There are two types of ads you can run on messenger

  1. Destination ads
  2. Sponsored ads(messages)

#3: Destination ads

This type of ad allows you to use messenger as its location and the ads are being displayed on the newsfeed of users. The ads can include images, videos, infographics, etc. such that when a user clicks on the ad, it takes them to the Facebook page and initiates a conversation on Facebook messenger. With destination ad, you can customize your target audience, select the type of device you want the ad to be displayed, etc.

#4: Sponsored ads (messages)

This type of ad is limited mostly to people who you have a message or have a conversation with you on messenger in the past. This is done so that Facebook messenger doesn’t get filled with spam messages. This works like email marketing but faster and has a higher click rate. People can also unsubscribe from receiving your messages. You can use a tool such as Manychat to run a campaign on sponsored messages which charges $10 per month to send out messages.

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