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Messenger Bot | What Marketers Need to Know

Messenger Bot | What Marketers Need to Know

Do you use Facebook for your business and are searching for ways to use your messenger to generate more leads using messenger bots? In this post, I’ll be sharing with you ways and how you can set-up a messenger bot.

Messenger Bot

Messenger Bot: Benefits of using Bots

Bots can help you increase leads, promote traffic to your site, and increase your subscriber’s list. In this modern-day, most people refer to bots as another means of email marketing because they mimic their ways and marketing strategy. But they do more than just mimicking email marketing as bots are able to answer simple questions users ask and also provide them with certain useful information they might need.

With Messenger bots you can automate a certain task that doesn’t require the presence of a human such as the location of your store, working hours, type of services you render, etc, thereby freeing up the time a human might spend in responding to such queries.

Bots also help you avoid spamming people with lots of messages. For example, a bot can ask users certain questions to know more about them and from the answers and analysis made; they can file them in the different segments and follow up with relevant questions.

Messenger Bot: What to consider when creating bots

The first thing to put in mind when creating a bot is to identify the areas users frequently ask questions about that may not require the actual presence of a human. Also, try to reduce the number of tasks your bot perform, rather try to integrate them with other tools so as to make the work easy and at the same time, create an avenue where a real human can have a one on one chat with them.

Messenger bots building platforms

Messenger bot-building platforms are platforms that help to build bots to automate conversations on messengers. The two most favorite bot builders are Chatfuel and Manychat and they both have amazing features to help to build bots very easily.

Manychat – has a special feature known as the growth tool, with it, you can connect pop-up on your website to your messenger bot. for example, a user can click on a pop-up and the bot messages the user and can in that same manner, acquire the email of the user, thereby increasing the subscriber’s list. Its also been observed that click rates on messenger bots average around 80-90% compared to email clicks which are around 20-30%

Chatfuel – is best for users who do business online as it provides you with a platform in which payments can be made and items can be sold with just a click of a button. You can also use bots to create surveys, handle some certain webinar and provide options for the users to select rather than using keywords.

Bots also have an option that allows you to put them to sleep so as to allow the presence of a real human to come in and chat with the user. This is usually triggered by some keyword or an option customized to allow the user to interact with the human in areas where the bot can’t handle.


Messenger Bots are a great tool to use in your online business and you don’t need to know how to program before using them. Tools like Manychat and Chatfuel are there to give a lending hand and they’re easy to use. You can upgrade to the pro version of the tools for just $10 to enjoy the full benefits of the tools.

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