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Skype How to Use – Skype Registration  – How to Use Skype – Voice & Video Call – How to Find Friends & Family on Skype

How to Use Skype-Web-App

Skype is a communication application developed by SkypeCommunications S.a r. I and released in August 2003, which allows for easy connection with people from different platforms using voice calls, messaging, video calling, conference calls, etc.

Skype How to Use

Skype is a telecommunications web and standalone app that provide instant messaging service, video chat, text chat, voice calls between computers, tablets, mobile devices, the Xbox One console, and smartwatches over the Internet, with a subscription-based plan.

Skype how to Use is meant to provide you with a guide on how to use the SkypeWeb platform.

How to use Skype – Voice Calls – Chats – Subscribe – Video calls

To be able to use SkypeLite to communicate, the application should be downloaded into your device first. From the downloaded application, create an account and sign in to your account. Once signed in, you will have access to all the services offered by SkypeLite including voice calls, conference calls, video calls, and messaging.

Skype App Download – How to download Skype

Downloading SkypeApp is very simple;

  • Go to the play store or iOS app store on your device
  • Lookup for SkypeLite application, or search for the application by typing “Search” on the search bar
  • Click on download and install the application on your device.

Skype how to Use – Skype Registration Procedures

Before signing up on Skypeweb, ensure you have the following ready before proceeding to sign up on SkypeApp;

  • Email|phone number.
  • Country name.
  • Desired password.
  • Full name and date of birth.
  • Open the app on your device
  • Open the Skypeapplication on your device
  • Click on the “create account” button.

Skype Login – Sign in to your Skype Account

  • Open SkypeApp from your device or open your device browser and go to Skypeweb homepage
  • Fill out your email address or phone number, and your password
  • Click on “Log in”.

How to Find your Friends and Family on Skype Video App

Finding friends or family members SkypeWeb is simple and can be done by;

  • Connecting your phone contacts to SkypeApp. This can be achieved by setting up a Microsoft account that will list out all the contacts on your device.
  • From the list of contacts that appears, select who to add to your friend list using their profile picture
  • You can use the search bar on the platform to find other people that are not on your contact list.

Skype Messaging – Skype how to Use Chat via Text

To chat using text on SkypeSoftware;

  • Login to your account
  • Click on the “contact” tab at the right top of the page to select who you want to chat with. You can use a recent conversation field at the left to pane to search for the person.
  • Scroll down to the message box and type your message
  • Send by clicking enter
  • Wait for a reply.

Skype Voice Calls – How to make Voice Calls

Voice calls on SkypeApp is done with the following steps

  • Find the contact you want to call
  • Click on the blue “phone” icon at the top right side of the page
  • Wait for the user to picks up, to start your conversation
  • Use a compatible headphone and microphone for a better result
  • To select how you want the microphone and headphones to function, tap on the icon with three dots.

Skype Video Calls – Make Skype Video Calls

The following are steps to making video calls;

  • Select the contact you want to call
  • Select the camera at the top right-hand corner
  • Click on the icon with three dots
  • Under the video section, select “Default Device”.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on “Webcam”.

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