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Paying with Square: Square Wallet & Cash | A Helpful Guide

Paying With Square | Square Wallet & Square Cash

Square offers free apps (Square wallet and Square cash) for e-mailing and receiving money from your family & friends. It’s also a credit card processing and business solutions provider – Square provides a free software app with affordable hardware (which is often free) that turns mobile devices into powerful point-of-sale (POS) solutions. This helps sellers or merchants with a mobile device to accept card payments, anywhere, anytime, and from anyone.

Paying with Square

Paying with Square Wallet

The free “Wallet’ app allows you to make payments across stores and restaurants with just your smartphone (Android or iOS).

How to download and set up your Square Wallet

Follow the below steps…

  • Go to App store – iOS users (iTunes App Store) | Google Play store – Android users (Google Play)
  • Next; key in your credit card details
  • Upload a profile image
  • Done setting up your account, it’s time to pay for the item purchased in stores that accept Square Wallet payment services

Pay through your Wallet: Step-by-step Guide

Your smartphone built-in GPS enables your Wallet app to search for local stores and restaurants that accept square wallet payments.


  1. Walk into a store
  2. Do your shopping
  3. On the payment stand, open your wallet app
  4. Check-in (click the store’s name)
  5. Tell the sales representative your name
  6. When your name is entered, your image or profile photo comes up
  7. A click on your photo completes your transaction.

Tips: Regular customers can use a special check-in feature – it does an automatic ordering of your most liked item.

Paying with Square Cash

Square Cash is a square-free app for sending and receiving money from family & friends.

Interesting fact – no device is needed. Grab your debit card and your email let’s drill to the guide.

For instance, let’s say, you have a friend in another state whom you would want to send money to. You can email them a check using square cash.

Here’s how to do it?

  • Compose an email, make sure your friend’s name is the recipient
  • At the “CC” field fill in the email in this format
  • In the subject, type the amount (let’s say $200.00)
  • Add other text you would want to send along with the money in the message field.
  • Hit send
  • An email will be sent to you by a square to enter your debit card number
  • Your friends will receive two emails, from Square and you
  • The email form square shows your friend a link to click and fill in their debit card details
  • It takes a day or two for the money to arrive in their account

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