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Digital Influencer Marketing | 4 Practical Ways to Connect and Network Influencers

This post will reveal four proven ways to make a lot more people buy your product, subscribe to your paid services and online webinars through digital influencer marketing.

According to an analysis from Statista, there would be about 2.77 billion social media channel users in the year 2020. It’s likely that potential influencers and customers are on different social media platforms.

Digital Influencer Marketing

Digital Influencer Marketing | 4 Practical Ways to Connect and Network Influencers

In this post, I’ll share with you what influencer marketing is and how to apply the principle to make it work for your company or business.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is marketing that places its focus on influential people in a certain industry or market niche to promote brand along with its products and services.

The influencers improve brand image and change the way customers see the brand.

It’s a way of gaining endorsement, which shows that your brand is credible and can be trusted.

Who Is an Influencer?

An influencer is someone other than a celebrity that has the ability to influence the thinking and decisions of other people. They can be seen as an industry booster; someone who is an expert in a particular field/industry. Influencers use their social media presence to develop strong connections with their followers and this helps them gain trust from their community of fans and can often be viewed as role models.

Now you know who an influencer is, I’ll show you how to make connections with them to help build your brand.

How to Connect with Influencers

Creating a good first impression when starting your conversation with an influencer you wish to connect with is very paramount. Marketers need to avoid the mistake of requesting something from them before providing anything of value.

keynote: Provide value before asking for a promotion.

I will show you four ways to connect and build networks with influencers. But before we go into that let’s quickly share with you the benefits of influencer marketing;

Benefits of Influencer Marketing

Four things you will gain by leveraging Influencers in your industry;

  1. Reach out to ideal customers
  2. Massive brand awareness
  3. Increase your visibility through a search engine
  4. Improve credibility and trust

Here are four ways to connect and network influencers;

  1. Satisfy them by Providing a Product or Services of High Value (Solve Their Problem)

“Nothing goes for Nothing”, you need to find a way you can offer your services to assist them. You can research what they’re working on, they’re pending projects and provide a solution for them through your brand channel so they can find you relevant.

  1. Don’t fail to Ask for Help only when you’ve Provided an added Value

Ask them if they will partner with you and promote your brand for you. If you do this well and your message is well comported, you might be amazed to discover that the majority would say yes to your proposal.

  1. It’s not enough to Connect also Nurture the Relationship

Always try to stay in contact with them, monitor their blogs or other social media channels for their post and promote them on your own channel. This way you keep the relationship strong and going as they see you as a productive partner and they become more beneficial to you in the long run. The main aim here is to build and nurture a relationship that would have a great impact on your company and increase brand awareness and boost sales.

  1. Be Futuristic when Dealing with Influencers

Every influencer is long-term-minded. No influencer would want to use a product or service is under trial. So you must be able to offer a lifetime value. That way they would value your brand and keep the relationship going.

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